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Please follow these steps in preparing the Manuscript for IAW 2014.

Step 1 Please see the IAW Template and check if your first submission is as per the template.
Step 2 If so, you may jump to Step 4. Otherwise, please prepare your final manuscript following or using the IAW template.
Step 3 Kindly limit your paper to 4 pages.
Step 4 Please do not use (i) page number (ii) any footnote and (iii) authors title like Prof. /Dr./ Member IEEE etc.
Step 5 The paper should be prepared as MS Word Document using Windows Office 2000/2003 or later version AND converted to PDF using standard document to pdf converter.
Step 6 Submit PDF version of the paper to

Please ensure that you submit your paper only once. Avoid multiple submissions. You will receive an acknowledgement mail from the secretariat within 24 hrs. of your submission. First author needs to submit a declaration on behalf of all the authors of the said paper for any IPR issue.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research


Punjab Technical University